America West Merger Committee Update September 6, 2016

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Fellow pilots: On Tuesday, September 6th, the arbitration panel released its final opinion and award. A copy of the opinion and award, and final integrated seniority list are available for download at the following locations: 




A brief summary of the award is as follows: 


STEP ONE  Creation of a new East / West seniority list 


 The Nicolau Award was not used.

 The new East/West list integrates all pre-US Airways/American West merger West and East pilots on an 85% status & category / 15% longevity basis. (This list was constructed using 2013 job counts & longevity instead of the 2005 figures).

 All MDA CEL & Third List pilots are placed at the bottom of this list in DOH order. 


STEP TWO  Integration of the new East/West list with the Legacy AA list

 Also using an 85% status & category / 15% longevity hybrid methodology.

 Status & category based primarily upon JCBA pay categories 

  - No adjustments were made to the ratios that existed as of December 9, 2013 (e.g. no 75% adjustment of ratio numbers as proposed by AAPSIC)

  - No combining of Group IV FO / Group II CA or Group II FO / Group I CA.

 Longevity calculated according to West proposal

  -Longevity = time at mainline less furlough time, using DOH for US Airways pilots and Hire Date for LAA pilots

  -No longevity credit for Letter T, MDA, or Eagle. 



STEP THREE  Addition of Constructive Notice Pilots

 Those pilots who were hired after December 9, 2013, regardless of whether they were assigned to American, East, or West flying  are ordered on the basis of their occupational dates, determined in accordance with the June 20, 2016 Letter of Agreement between American Airlines and APA. 



 Protection of 454 Group IV captain positions for LAA pilots and 183 Group IV captain positions for LUS-East pilots through 12/31/2020.

 LUS-West pilots are entitled to use their system seniority to bid for Group IV captain positions in excess of those minimum numbers.

 The protections do not extend to first officer positions (e.g. West pilots may use their seniority bid for Group IV First Officer positions without restriction). 


A summary of the proposals made by the committees compared with the award is available for download at


Members of the West Merger Committee will spend time in the PHX crew room this week, workload permitting, to answer questions to the best of our ability. 


We will provide further updates and analysis in the coming days. Additionally, we are planning an attorney meet-and-greet in the near future. 


West Merger Committee


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