Leonidas Update August 31, 2016

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West Mediation Group Update Regarding
“Global Settlement” Fairness Hearing


On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, a Fairness Hearing was held in Judge Conrad’s Court in the Western District of North Carolina to hear objections from class members to the Global Settlement Agreement. The Global Settlement encompasses all outstanding and potential future litigation between West pilots, Leonidas, USAPA and certain East Pilot defendants. 


A few months ago, we updated you on the series of steps required to obtain Judge Conrad’s approval of the settlement process. Compliance with federal class action notification requirements was necessary to formalize the settlement agreement and secure a final judgment from the Court. You may recall that, after intense negotiations over several days in North Carolina, mediated by neutral Gary Hemric, followed by additional weeks of continued settlement talks, the parties reached a global settlement whereby all outstanding issues from over 8 years of litigation could be put to rest. Notice regarding the terms of the settlement were sent out to class members by multiple means, and class members were invited to respond and/or object. Objections were received and submitted to the Court, and the parties were allowed to respond to the objections. 


Working with all involved counsel to the USAPA v. Velez and Leonidas, LMRDA I and II litigation, and the remainder of the Addington III litigation, the West Mediation representatives and Leonidas were confident that we would be able to complete the necessary steps to secure a positive result for all parties involved in the various outstanding litigious disputes. Counsel filed a Joint Motion for Final Approval of the Global Settlement, and prepared for the Fairness Hearing scheduled in front of Judge Conrad. 



Yesterday, the settlement fairness hearing commenced at 0930, Eastern Time, with Judge Conrad permitting all timely filed objections to be heard. After all objectors shared their bases for objecting to the settlement, and counsel for all parties responded, Judge Conrad took the time to methodically evaluate and ultimately overrule the objections filed. 


Shortly before noon, Eastern Time, Judge Conrad articulated his reasons for granting final approval of the global settlement, and concluded the Fairness Hearing. 


Judge Conrad’s approval of the Global Settlement allows for a final judgment which will bury the years of legal battles between Leonidas, LLC and USAPA. Once Judge Conrad renders his written ruling, the settlement will effect a complete separation of all West Pilots from USAPA. We now await Judge Conrad’s written ruling. 


Until the settlement monies change hands, via wire transfer, we must remain vigilant to our cause. Currently, Global Settlement funds await transfer to the ASU law firm trust account. We are not finished with comprehensive litigation until we have the owed monies in hand. 


Remember, until Judge Conrad’s final order is executed, Leonidas, LLC will continue making monthly payments to satisfy its various financial obligations, incurred on behalf of the former AWA pilots, that have led us to this point. Please continue your Push contributions so that we can continue to meet our current obligations. 


Thank you for you support, 



The West Mediation Group