Leonidas West Mediation Group Update January 31, 2016

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The past week a group of West pilots comprised of LMRDA Plaintiffs, Addington Class Reps and a Leonidas manager met in Charlotte in an attempt to mediate a global settlement regarding the sun-setting of USAPA, and resolving the combined North Carolina LMRDA/Declaratory Judgement actions along with the PHX Addington litigation. The members of the West Mediation Group (WMG) traveled to NC with the full support of all West Addington Class Reps and Leonidas Managers to try to end the legal entrenchment that has gone on for many years. The WMG was represented by our well experienced legal team of Marty Harper and Kelly Flood. Their experience and direction was invaluable in working with the WMG to debate and work out possible scenarios that involved many complex legal issues, not to mention the long history of acrimony between East and West US Airways pilots. Being fully prepared to mediate, the WMG was encouraged that the east contingent was also mostly present, represented, and appeared interested in negotiating some type of settlement to potentially end the east/west conflict. 


Through three days of engaged negotiations in strong, mediated discussions, the WMG was encouraged that significant movement did occur and, though not easy, it ended without coming to a complete agreement. Although the WMG left CLT without reaching an agreement, legal counsel has the ability to respond to continued dialogue with USAPA/LMRDA defendants' legal counsel who may still desire to reach a final settlement. 


The mediator submitted a report to Judge Conrad in NC confirming that all parties participated in good faith, and thought that a settlement was still possible if parties continued to work together. 


The window for some type of final settlement is very short, and as the WMG pressed during last week’s discussions. We will reiterate, the West pilots' ability and resolve to support all litigation necessary to press forward with our positions in the NC LMRDA actions and finalizing the Addingtion request for fees is without doubt. 


The WMG is hopeful that the East mediation group understands the West pilots' resolve and that the East mediation group is open to concluding a final settlement that will end the east/west conflict. 


Updates will be forthcoming with further information regarding either potential settlement or the future litigation progress concerning both NC LMRDA and Addington fee lawsuits. 


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West Mediation Group