West Merger Committee Update January 3, 2016

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The rebuttal phase of the seniority arbitration hearings is scheduled to commence tomorrow, January 4, 2016, and will continue weekdays through Friday, January 15 (although it is possible the hearings will conclude without using all of the allotted time). The hearings will be held at the following location:


Washington Hilton

1919 Connecticut Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20009


The Washington Hilton is approximately one-half mile from the DuPont Circle Metro Station or easily accessible by taxi or Uber.


Hearings each day will run approximately 9am-6pm, and will generally be open to pilots to observe the hearings as space allows. Portions of the hearing however containing information and data subject to confidentiality agreements and restrictions may be closed to observers. Daily transcripts and exhibits will be posted as soon as they become available at the following web locations: .



Recall that all hearing days in 2015 were committed to the "direct cases"; presentation of evidence by each committee to support their respective proposals. The next two weeks will be the "rebuttal cases" in which each committee will have the opportunity to introduce additional witnesses and evidence to respond to evidence and arguments that the other committees presented in their direct cases.


The committees will retain the same order of presentation as they did in the direct cases: the East Committee will present first, followed by the West Merger Committee, followed by AAPSIC. The parties may opt for a second round of rebuttal, known as sur-rebuttal, however, each committee may only spend 20 hours of hearing time on their combined rebuttal & sur-rebuttal cases.



Following the completion of the hearings, the parties will set a deadline to file post-hearing briefs with the panel. Following receipt of the briefs, the panel will begin its deliberations on a final award. An award could come late spring or early summer.


We thank you for staying informed and engaged, and for your continued support.




The West Merger Committee


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