Leonidas Update September 28, 2015

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We are on the eve of the long anticipated matter of the seniority integration involving the Pilots of New American Airlines. By now most if not all the participants have arrived in Washington D.C. to begin this historic hearing in front of the panel of esteemed arbitrators Dana E. Eischen, Ira Jaffe and M. David Vaughn. 

The East Pilot Seniority Integration Committee will be the first of the three committees to present their case in chief beginning tomorrow September 29, 2015. Here is the list of witnesses to testify for the East Committee this week: 

Dean Colello
Rick Brown
Pete Gall 
Kelly Ison
Dr. Brian M. Campbell, PH.D. 

We are primarily providing this information as a courtesy since the West Merger Committee is busy with last minute preparations. Don’t forget to go to for the latest updates if not already subscribed to receive updates via E-mail. 


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We would like to provide an errata to the September 27, 2015 Leonidas Update. The fifth paragraph, first sentence should read, “Additionally, the Court JOINED the Allied Pilots Association as a defendant...” We apologize for any confusion this may have caused our subscribers.