America West Merger Committee Update June 30, 2015

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Following a morning of closed, off-the-record discussions between the SLI arbitration panel and the remaining parties to the process, the arbitration panel convened oral arguments this afternoon to decide the following questions:


1. Whether APA should engage in best efforts to establish a new merger committee to represent legacy U.S. Airways East pilots ("East Merger Committee")?


2. Whether a new East Merger Committee, if any, should be deemed bound by the Ninth Circuit's decision in Addington?


3. What shall be the revised schedule for the ISL hearing (including, without limitation, the schedule for establishing a new East Merger Committee, if any).


Our position is that the arbitration panel has no authority to answer question one and two. However, should the panel decide to answer those questions, our position is quite simple and unremarkable: we believe that the process should continue to move forward per the written agreement of the parties, and there is well settled law providing that arbitration proceedings continue unabated in the event one of the parties voluntarily withdraws. We encourage you to read the transcripts and briefs requested by the panel (which will be submitted by midnight tomorrow night, July 1, and will be posted on this site) to become fully informed of our position, as well as the positions of the other parties (American Airlines, Allied Pilots Association, and AAPSIC). The panel will render a written decision on these questions no later than midnight Monday, July 6.


At this time, the remaining July hearing dates, commencing Monday July 13, as well as the September and October hearing dates remain intact. The arbitration panel has also reserved the first two weeks in January on their schedules in the event additional hearing dates are needed.


We will continue to keep you updated as events continue to transpire.


Thank you for your continued support.




The West Merger Committee

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