America West Merger Committee Update June 29, 2015

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As you're aware, earlier today the arbitration panel met with the attorneys and chairman from each committee, in closed session, in lieu of holding opening arguments as originally scheduled. The panel put all the parties under a strict confidentiality order, such that we cannot discuss the details of the meeting. However, portions of today's meeting did take place on record, and we will publish those transcripts just as soon as they come available. The meeting will reconvene tomorrow morning, Tuesday, June 30, in closed session, and predominantly off the record.


We reiterate our view that we are committed to minimizing disruptions to the SLI process while also ensuring that the Ninth Circuit mandate is honored. We will promptly notify you of any new developments.


Thank you for your continued support.




The West Merger Committee

David Braid          Mark Burman        Johan de Vicq

Eric Ferguson       Jeff O'Connell       Russ Payne


Jim Van Sickle      Mitch Vasin          Roger Velez