Leonidas Update November 18, 2014

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There have been recent filings in two of the legal fronts. 

In the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, our attorneys filed a cross appeal brief, the brief can be read here. There is an optional reply brief due within 14 days by USAPA, which we expect Usapa to file. Judges and schedule at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals have yet to be determined, which we will inform you when we have a response from the 9th.  

Monday, as expected, USAPA filed its Motion to Remand the NC DJ suit against Velez and Leonidas for dues disgorgement from Federal District Court back to North Carolina State Court. You can read their filing here. A response from defendants is due by December 4, 2014 

Thank you for staying informed and your financial support. 

Leonidas, LLC