Leonidas Update January 10, 2014

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This afternoon Judge Roslyn Silver issued her decision in our law suit against USAPA. You can read the order here. We highly encourage all pilots to read the 22 page order in its entirety. Unfortunately, the Court did not grant us the relief requested, but the Court did find the following: 

- Our DFR question is difficult to answer without a final seniority regime to compare against the Nicolau; 

- Only a bargaining agent can participate in the McCaskill-Bond process; 

- Judge Silver has serious doubts whether USAPA will fairly and adequately represent the West; 

- Judge Silver ruled that USAPA will not be allowed to participate in the seniority integration proceedings once the NMB certifies the APA as the exclusive bargaining agent. 

We will provide a more detailed update after we have more thoroughly analyzed today's order. This has been and continues to be quite the Odyssey for all US Airways pilots. The West is still here because of your unwavering support. We will close by saying this: the seniority dispute is far from over. 

Take care and fly safe. 


Leonidas, LLC