Leonidas Update December 17, 2013

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As we continue to wait for the results of the Addington II trial, the West Pilot legal team continues to stay busy working to protect your rights. The final pleadings to the case record were submitted on November 6th, and there were numerous post-trial Motions that required briefs to be filed, including those pleadings regarding USAPA and Airways’ Motions for Summary Judgment. All of these relevant filings can be found on the public access Leonidas Web site at

We are charging toward a final solution to the conflict that has plagued us for so many years, but there is still much work to be done. The merger of American and US Airways was consummated last Monday, December 9th finalizing the Plan of Reorganization or POR. The MOU specifies a thirty day “Protocol Period” to begin on the POR date so the thirty day clock is ticking right now. New American has called for a meeting of the pilot parties to the McCaskill-Bond process outlined in the MOU for this Friday, December 20th in Washington, D.C. to discuss the Protocol Agreement. The company has invited the West Pilot Class to be participants in this meeting. Your nine West Class Representatives have chosen five West pilots to be your West Merger Committee representatives: former PHX Domicile Chairman First Officer David Braid; current Leonidas member and Business Intelligence Committee member, First Officer Johan DeVicq; former ALPA negotiating committee member Captain Doug Dotter; founder of Leonidas First Officer Eric Ferguson; and former ALPA merger committee member Captain Russ Payne. Along with this committee will be the legal team consisting of Polsinelli Attorneys Jennifer Axel and Dr. Andy Jacob along with Marty Harper of Marty Harper, PLLC. It is our understanding from the West Merger Committee that New American and APA will be in attendance at the December 20, 2013 meeting. USAPA has not committed to attend to the best of our knowledge. 

The West Merger Committee members all have an outstanding history of West Pilot advocacy and experience, and we are proud to announce their willingness to serve the pilot group in such an important role. 

We will provide updates as events unfold during the coming weeks and months, and we thank you for your desire to stay informed. 


Leonidas, LLC