Leonidas Update October 25, 2016

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Thank you for your generous contributions to Leonidas LLC. We are pleased to announce that the appeal of the LMRDA settlement in North Carolina was withdrawn and the agreed to $5.5 million was deposited in our trust with the ASU Alumni Law Group yesterday, October 24, 2016. This now makes it possible to pay remaining legal fees and outstanding merger committee expenses, in addition to retaining necessary reserves for unforeseen contingencies. It also allows Leonidas, LLC the luxury of doing something we have never been able to do before, which is to ask our contributors to stop giving at this time. 


It is important to note that additional expenses may be incurred during the coming months due to the ISL Dispute Resolution Committee and/or any litigation that might arise over the ISL award or its implementation initiated by any pilots or other organizations from the combined pilot group. As soon as Leonidas LLC is confident that no further expenses will be incurred, the remaining balance will be returned to the contributors or their survivors. The amount of the refund will depend on the amount of additional expenses incurred, but in the most likely scenarios, Leonidas, LLC contributors should recover a significant (if not the majority) of their contributions over the years to support the required litigation as well as the West Merger Committee. Refunds will hopefully be provided sometime during 2017. 


In the meantime, we ask that you stop further contributions immediately. Thank you for your support and continued financial contributions to this important milestone. 




Leonidas, LLC 


Leonidas Update September 12, 2016

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A week has gone by and we remain as shocked as you are by the ISL award. While we did not know what the award would be, no one expected the Board of Arbitrators (BOA) to punish the West pilots for successfully defending our legal rights for the past nine years. Disregarding the Ninth Circuit's ruling entirely, the BOA effectively forgave the East pilots for their DFR breach and permanently rewarded them for their illegal acts at the expense of the West pilots, and to a lesser extent, LAA pilots. Furthermore, the BOA credits the former East furloughees’ with their December 9, 2013 Category & Status job placements. In doing so, the BOA permitted the East pilots to reap the gains they attained by the TA (Transition Agreement) imposed fence and the company’s decisions for the hiring of pilots and allocation of flying at the “New US Airways.” This is in direct conflict with section IV (D) of the TA which specifically stated that the company's interim decisions for flying allocations cannot be used to determine the ISL. In this award, the BOA not only set aside the Nicolau Award, but also the Eischen Award, the B757 LOU, the 2005 TA and its protections for the West’s share of post merger flying including the large growth in Wide-body aircraft. The BOA simply gave short shrift to the careers the West pilots brought to the 2005 merger with US Airways and our post-merger career benefits. East pilots, saved from liquidation and unemployment by the 2005 merger with AWA, chose to remain at their lowest-in-the-industry bankruptcy wages to extend the TA imposed fence for over ten years. The BOA ignored the crime, rewarded the perpetrators, and then punished the victims. Stunning! 



Leonidas Update August 31, 2016

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West Mediation Group Update Regarding
“Global Settlement” Fairness Hearing


On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, a Fairness Hearing was held in Judge Conrad’s Court in the Western District of North Carolina to hear objections from class members to the Global Settlement Agreement. The Global Settlement encompasses all outstanding and potential future litigation between West pilots, Leonidas, USAPA and certain East Pilot defendants. 


A few months ago, we updated you on the series of steps required to obtain Judge Conrad’s approval of the settlement process. Compliance with federal class action notification requirements was necessary to formalize the settlement agreement and secure a final judgment from the Court. You may recall that, after intense negotiations over several days in North Carolina, mediated by neutral Gary Hemric, followed by additional weeks of continued settlement talks, the parties reached a global settlement whereby all outstanding issues from over 8 years of litigation could be put to rest. Notice regarding the terms of the settlement were sent out to class members by multiple means, and class members were invited to respond and/or object. Objections were received and submitted to the Court, and the parties were allowed to respond to the objections. 


Working with all involved counsel to the USAPA v. Velez and Leonidas, LMRDA I and II litigation, and the remainder of the Addington III litigation, the West Mediation representatives and Leonidas were confident that we would be able to complete the necessary steps to secure a positive result for all parties involved in the various outstanding litigious disputes. Counsel filed a Joint Motion for Final Approval of the Global Settlement, and prepared for the Fairness Hearing scheduled in front of Judge Conrad. 



America West Merger Committee Update September 6, 2016

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Fellow pilots: On Tuesday, September 6th, the arbitration panel released its final opinion and award. A copy of the opinion and award, and final integrated seniority list are available for download at the following locations: 




A brief summary of the award is as follows: 


STEP ONE  Creation of a new East / West seniority list 


 The Nicolau Award was not used.

 The new East/West list integrates all pre-US Airways/American West merger West and East pilots on an 85% status & category / 15% longevity basis. (This list was constructed using 2013 job counts & longevity instead of the 2005 figures).

 All MDA CEL & Third List pilots are placed at the bottom of this list in DOH order. 


STEP TWO  Integration of the new East/West list with the Legacy AA list

 Also using an 85% status & category / 15% longevity hybrid methodology.

 Status & category based primarily upon JCBA pay categories 

  - No adjustments were made to the ratios that existed as of December 9, 2013 (e.g. no 75% adjustment of ratio numbers as proposed by AAPSIC)

  - No combining of Group IV FO / Group II CA or Group II FO / Group I CA.

 Longevity calculated according to West proposal

  -Longevity = time at mainline less furlough time, using DOH for US Airways pilots and Hire Date for LAA pilots

  -No longevity credit for Letter T, MDA, or Eagle. 



Leonidas Update April 29, 2016

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On February 15, 2016, the West Mediation Group reached a Global Settlement [View Here] with USAPA and the 14 individual defendants in the consolidated LMRDA and DJ cases pending on North Carolina, and the fee claim in the Addington class action in Arizona. As previously stated, the proposed settlement agreement, accompanied by a Joint Motion for Preliminary Approval and various required supporting documents, was then sent to Judge Conrad for review and preliminary approval subject to final approval after a Fairness Hearing. 


The Court reviewed all of the materials submitted by the parties supporting the Joint Motion, and the Court granted the motion on April 22, 2016 [Doc 117: Order]. Most importantly, the Court (1) preliminarily approved the settlement; (2) approved two settlement classes (an East class and a West class) and approved counsel for each; (3) provided a timetable of events for notices to be distributed to all affected pilots and comments/objections to be submitted [Page 13 of Doc. 117]; and (4) scheduled a Fairness Hearing on August 30, 2016, at 9:30am in U.S. District Court, Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte Division.